Single Coil Pilot Preheater, 5000 Series, with Shutoff Valve and Thermocouple. 12V Start

Part # 26-5002-1-40

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Instrument gas heating assembly for preheating gas to pilot operated regulators. Includes 10" x 12" heater (12 volt start) ). Includes Shutoff Valve and Thermocouple.

Product Specifications
Heater Size:
10″ x 12″
BTU Rating:
5,000 BTU/HR
Starting Voltage:
12 Volts
Starting Amps:
8.3 Amps
Fuel Gas:
Natural Gas
Fuel Gas Consumption:
5.0 SCFH
Appx Weight:
26 lbs.
Dimensional Drawings
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Why CATCO Instrument Gas Heating Assemblies

CATCO instrument gas heaters are an ideal solution for problems arising from freezing in pilot actuated regulators, instrument supply gas and related applications.

CATCO instrument gas heating assemblies have no moving parts and therefore require little maintenance. Any replacement parts can be easily installed within the unit right in the field, so you’ll have little to no downtime during repairs.

The assemblies are easy to install, even in existing facilities. They provide excellent preventive maintenance for pipeline instruments because they prevent freezing before it happens. The units have an extremely low gas consumption.