Catalytic Heater Company, founded in 1982, has been in business since 1982 and operates out of a 21,000 square foot facility in Terrell, Texas, approximately thirty miles east of Dallas. The company manufactures CATCO branded catalytic heaters and related products for industrial applications. Our products are marketed in the United States and numerous foreign countries.

Catalytic heaters are used in many different applications. Using catalytic technology, they convert propane, natural gas or other hydrocarbon gas to flameless infrared heat. Because they operate at a relatively low temperature (approximately 800 F), they are often used in hazardous or potentially hazardous environments. CATCO manufactures heaters that are certified by Canadian Standards Association and by Factory Mutual.

A number of heater sizes are available, from 1500 to 60,000 btus.

A few common applications for catalytic heaters include:

Regulation, Instrumentation, and Measurement
Catalytic heaters are used to prevent freezing and hydrate formation, common problems in regulation and measurement equipment when gas pressures are reduced.

Oven and Process Applications
Natural gas and LPG fueled radiant catalytic heaters can offer significant advantages over other heat sources.

Space Heating
Catalytic heaters provide superior performance and features, particularly when heat is needed in hazardous. classified areas.