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Automation - Catco Control

Catco Control provides a solution for managing a catalytic heater based on conditions, rather than manual operation. When integrated with energy and utility companies’ data-acquisition systems it supports remote monitoring and operation to prevent downtime in critical infrastructure.



Catco heaters are the safe way to keep your critical equipment working properly.


heated enclosure packages

To protect valves and regulators from harsh conditions and pressure-related freezing.


space heaters

To safely heat your critical equipment and personnel in cold environments.


instrument gas heaters

To provide heated supply gas for pilot-operated regulators, control valves and other instrumentation.

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We’re here to help.

We produce simple, well-built products that address a common problem encountered in the natural gas industry. And in that spirit, we make sure that owning and maintaining your Catco heater is equally straightforward.

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It doesn’t take an engineer.

Installing a Catco heater is not complicated, but there are some guidelines that will help keep your personnel safe and your heater functioning properly.


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Set it and forget it.

Our catalytic heaters contain no moving parts and maintenance is minimal. There are just a few simple tips that can help ensure optimal performance over time.


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Down time?

Not on our watch. Our product support team is available to answer any questions, and our network of authorized resellers can help you get replacement parts quickly.


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