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Enclosure Packages

That never cool when the pressure drops.

CATCO heated enclosure packages mount directly to your valves to prevent pressure-related freezing.

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What are catalytic heaters?

Flameless, dependable and easy-to-install, catalytic heaters are used in many phases of natural gas extraction. Ready to learn more?

What are Catalytic Heaters?

We’re here to help.

We produce simple, well-built products that address a common problem encountered in the natural gas industry. And in that spirit, we make sure that owning and maintaining your CATCO heater is equally straightforward.

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It doesn’t take an engineer.

Installing a CATCO heater is not complicated, but there are some guidelines that will help keep your personnel safe and your heater functioning properly.


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Set it and forget it.

Our catalytic heaters contain no moving parts and maintenance is minimal. There are just a few simple tips that can help ensure optimal performance over time.


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Down time?

Not on our watch. Our product support team is available to answer any questions, and our network of authorized resellers can help you get replacement parts quickly.


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